Success Stories


Gator was found alongside Cherry, and Skye (Long Story in Cherry’s success post!) My little foster pack of three came to my June 20th, they all went to the vet just to get them to a basic health point. All seemed fine, until I noticed a slight change in a bump on Gators belly. It was that day we took Gator to the vet and just a few days later we were told the terrible news that the bump on his belly was in fact skin cancer. Two days after finding out, Gator was having surgery to remove this and 3 other bumps we had found after an intense exam. He was healing up nicely and just two days before getting all his stitches removed we found 2 new mast cell tumors! He was already in need of another surgery! Before we knew it, he was back under getting these 2 additional tumors removed. This time we went to the oncologist for options on how to prevent more, luckily steroids was on option. 

Gator has been on steroids for 9 months, and we are looking into better options for him and weaning him off. 


Besides the cancer, Gator is one the goofiest happiest dogs to be around. You can always find him sleeping in his strange positions, begging for food or stinking up the room with his bad pittie farts.  



Skye, the angel watching over me as I write this. Skye came to me after Gator and Cherry. She was 14  years old and you could see from the outside she has quite a few issues going on, probably related to age. Her back legs were weak, she had a tumor hanging from her chest and a tumor on the side of her cheek. At the vet, they ruled the tumor on her chest to be harmless other than it could get caught on something and tear. As for the tumor on her face, we were instructed to put neosporin on it, as it kept opening up and bleeding. She also had a heart murmur. Other than these few problems, she was a very spunky old lady. She was the leader of the foster pack! You could tell Gator and Cherry looked up to her for comfort and respected her. It was late October when I realized Skyes behavior started to change. She wasn’t as active, she wasn’t eating as much or as excitedly as she used to, and she had a very sad look in her eyes. This of course, brought us back to the vet. She was very weak, we had to carry her in and carry her into the x-ray room. It was there that we realized there was a tumor pushing down on her spleen… Due to her age and overall health, there was nothing we could do. The vet said, she could be fine for months, days or weeks. We opted to take her home and let her live out the rest of her days in comfort. 


On November 2nd we officially adopted all three babies in our home and family furever. It was only November 4th, two days later, that Skye passed away peacefully in my arms on her own terms. She will forever be a part of our family and hearts. As will she always be Gator and Cherry’s best friend and guardian. There isnt a day I do not think about her and I miss her more and more as time goes by. 



My dad and I were sitting down eating brunch on a Sunday morning when one of my neighbors frantically called me regarding a dog running loose in the neighborhood! That’s my cue! 

They had managed to lure her into their car to keep her contained while I was on the way. 


Being found in a populated neighborhood I thought we had a high chance of finding her family and that she had just gotten out of their sight. I walked her around the whole neighborhood in hopes she would guide me to her home, i posted flyers at every pole and I made countless social media posts. Weeks later I realized this is probably another situation where this poor baby was dumped.

Pupperina grew very close to me. A near foster fail, as I fell in love with her quirky mannerisms and snuggly ways. I enjoyed every moment with her before she found her new amazing furever home. 



Late Christmas Eve I got a call from a good friend about a tall skinny dog prancing through the streets on the same rural road where we found our other gem, Buddy. 


We spent the first night gaining his trust with treats and hot dogs. It took about 5 minutes and his timid attitude turned around and we quickly realized the goofy adorable gem we had before us.


Comet was infested with fleas and covered in giant tics. He had scratches on his face and his paw pads were worn down. It appeared he had been out on his own for a while. He was wearing a torn faded red collar that had imprinted his sweet neck. Due to his condition, as well as the area where he was found, I had a feeling this boy was dumped. 


After a trip to the vet, we found other than a minor case of hookworm, Comet was overall an extremely healthy 2-4 year old gem! We made sure all his tics were removed safely, started him on dewormer and tended to his scrapes. 


In the long time we spent searching for his home, we already had a close friend who had fallen deeply in love with this sweet boy. He now lives in St. Petersburg with his three cat buddys!



My Cherry, the sweetest dog in existence. It was late June when she was found on busy Dale Mabry Highway in the darkness of the night along with Gator (Skye was also a member of her family.)  A friend pulled over to try and get them out of the road and when he got out he couldn’t find them! He lost sight of them, so he retreated to his car to find them sitting in the driver and passenger seat ready to go! 

They came to me the next day and that is when the pet detective work began. After lots of research and dead ends, we finally had a name of the owner only to find out he was currently incarcerated. I had contacted his family and found out about a 3rd dog, Skye. Long story short, they brought me Skye within the next few days. 

I offered to hold onto all three pups until their owner was released and back on his feet. As time went on things changed a bit, and on Nov. 2nd 2018 I offically adopted all three into my home. It would have been challenging to find them all a home together, and they were so bonded that together was their only option. Cherry has flourished in comfort since being here with us. You can ALWAYS find her on something comfy, if you don’t see her on the couch, she is in one of the beds and if you don’t see her on the beds, then she is in the kitchen waiting for treats. Those are her three places. Cherry is 9 years old and does suffer from occasional neck issues, due to her potato like body type. Lucky something that is manageable for the time being. Cherry has grown to be very attached to me, as I have become extremely attached to her. The best way to describe our relationship is that she is my soul dog, and i am her soul human. 


Little Vlad, when i got a call saying someone abandoned a little tortoise in a hotel room and the employees brought him to a local petco and left him outfront... there was no stopping me from going straight there and coming home with a new friend. 

Adopting Vlad into our family came naturally as he just made himself so comfortable. We had a friend donate his time and build him a wonder "tort-table" where he now spends his time, bathing, burrowing and basking! Eating all the greens his little heart can 


A knock at the door, lead to a new addition to the rescue and in the long run a new member of the family. 

Lady Angus was found outside by a neighbor just a few houses down from my home. Its hard to tell the age of a bearded dragon, so we will never truly know but regardless she is an old soul. She came to us with a broken tail and slightly underweight. 

2 months later we had ourselves a plump nice dragon. We did a full blown search for her previous family in case she had escaped her prior home but we had no success. She fit in so well in my family that we adopted her. 

She now lives her lazy dragon life, she enjoys long dips in the tub and basking on her log. 

Mr. Fletcher  (8).jpg

You can only imagine how fast I stopped when driving down Fletcher Ave and see a little grey dog about to walk into the busy roadway! After a strategic capture, he went from terrified to relaxed as I scooped him into my loving arms. We stopped at every vet and every groomer close by to see if anyone recognized him. We were back that night to post signs and ask around the area. After a long time of searching for his home, we realized no one was looking for this sweet little gem. 

Fletcher weaseled his way into everyone's heart at first sight. Everyone who heard his story and saw the face to go with it was in shock. How could someone not be looking for him?


We may never know how Fletcher came to be alone and in danger on Fletcher Ave. However, it doesn’t matter because he will never face that danger again. Fletcher captured the eye of a sweet lady who had recently lost her longtime pup and needed help mending her broken heart. Who better than Mr. Fletcher himself. It was love at first sight.  

Fletcher now lives in an amazing furever home, right here in Tampa.



This sweet gem was found on a high traffic road in pasco county, a very dangerous place for him to be. The search began to find where he came from and how he got there. The name Buddy came naturally. 

His paws were burned and his skin was crawling with fleas. His sweetness shined through his filth. Nothing a hot bath and flea dip couldn't solve. 

Due to the cuts on his feet we figured a vet trip was in order.  At the vet, the paws became the least of our worries as Buddy was heartworm positive. Buddy became the first dog we rescued in need of extensive medical treatment, my first financial challenge in the rescue world. I was blown away by the support of my friends and neighbors. Thanks to their support and donations I was able to start his heartworm treatment. 

60 days of treatment, including medication and restrictions on exercise. When it was over, we had a healthy loving loyal dog in need of a furever home. After endless weeks of trying to find if Buddy did somewhere have a family missing him we realized no one was actively searching for sweet him. Considering the road he was found on, chances are he was dumped by his previous family. The hunt began for his perfect family. By word of mouth we had came in contact with a man who just weeks prior lost his sweet dog. When they met, it was love at first sight. There was no doubt that it was a match meant to be.


Buddy now lives in St. Pete Beach with his amazing new dad, Johnathan and has a kitty cat sister. 



August in Florida is a hot place to be, when I got a call about a 15 year old dog living in an uninhabitable hot home, we wasted no time and were on the way to save this little man. 

We arrived at a boarded up home, trash and debris covering the driveway and a tent in the yard. The home had no AC, electricity and was in deplorable condition all around. 

The two men living at the home stayed outside in the tent because the house was just so hot and miserable. It took them 20 minutes to find Gizmo in all the rubble and darkness.

When they finally brought him out I was taken back by his condition, but his sweet soul immediately shined through all the mattes and obvious cosmetic health issues. He had a giant cyst on top of his head, and his eyes were completely blue and glazed 

Blind and deaf, little Gizmo had no idea how his life was about to change. His nerves settled as soon as he felt the softness of a pillow and cool AC in the car. 

I posted Gizmo on a shih tzu lovers Facebook group and was blown away by the response from around the world. Gizmo had captured the hearts of hundreds of people. 

At his first trip to the vet, we confirmed the large bump on the top of his head was a cyst. Also, that he had worms and weak knees due to bad nutrition and excessive scratching. For 15 years old, he was in overall good health. 

After his checkup, off to the groomer we went. The transformation was incredible. We all had tears in our eyes to see the difference a little love and care can provide. He was unrecognizable.

In all of Gizmo’s attention on the interet, he caught the eye of Michelle and Will Kelly. It was love at first sight. Distance was no option, Michelle and Will were willing to fly to Tampa to bring them back to their home in Dallas, TX. 

Gizmo resides with his new amazing furever family and with one of our other gemz, Cutie Pie. 


Cutie Pie was a match made in heaven for our other gem, Gizmo. While Gizmo was at his groomer, they notified us of little Cutie Pie. She had been abandoned their for 5 months by her previous family! When a family was found for sweet Gizmo, I brought up little Cutie Pie and they jumped right on board. I had 1 week before they flew here from Texas to get Cutie and Gizmo acquainted with one another and get Cutie Pie healthy! 


Due to stress and worms, Cutie was feeling extremely ill.  After finished her medicine, a round of antibiotics and dewormer, she was good as new. 


After she was feeling better, her and Gizmo had the time fo their life before both flying home together to their new family in Dallas Texas!   



In Sept. of 2019 Krumb & his momma, Cookie, were found in the rough streets of St. Petersburg. Both him and his momma appeared to have never been inside a house before, as they were so hesitant to come inside and so suprised to feel anything but dirt under their feet. It only took a few minutes, and as soon as Krumb felt the comfort of a pillow it was all up hill from there! He accepted that it was going to be nothing but comfort and love from then on and boy was he grateful! This little man ended up being adopted by the very people who led him and his mom to me to begin with, my own brother Brandon and his beautiful girlfriend Kim! Krumb is living his best life with his new older sister Belle and his two kitty cat friends! I am so happy I will get to see this little dude grow into a man!