This is


Photo Sep 29, 6 08 28 PM.jpg
One sweet baby!  

If you are looking for a companion in 

your life that is loyal, loving and that is

absolutely adorable. Look no further.

It may sound like I just described any dog 

in the world, but let me tell you, Cookie 

is not every dog. From what we can see, she 

came from a pretty rough situation. When we found

Cookie, you could tell she had recently had puppies, in fact one of her puppies was right their with her (we named him Crumb and he not up for adoption yet!) 

Both Crumb and Cookie were covered in dirt, fleas, ticks and sores. Cookie had bite marks on her face and chest. I could not believe how much love these dogs had to give, even though it looked as if they had never had any love from a human. 

Bringing them inside for the first time was a chore, they were so scared to pass the threshold of the front door. When they felt the floor for the first time, it was unfamiliar to her that she froze in fear. We carried her in and put her on my bed, and when she felt the comfort of a soft mattress and blanket for the first time, she immediately settled into it, rolling around and enjoying the softness she had never had the pleasure of enjoying. I want to find her a life of comfort, someone who can show her the love that she needs to make up for her life of discomfort. 

If you are interested in meeting Cookie and giving her the life she deserves, please call 813-784-2314 or message me on Facebook or Instagram!