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I’ve been fortunate to have made contacts, friends and neighbors that help facilitate communication involved with the support and rescue of animals in need. The goal of Rescue Gemz, has and will always be, to step up when there is a lost, abandoned or unwanted animal. Our track record so far is outstanding. I’ve been able to reunite animals with their owners, place unwanted animals into forever homes and to offer any assistance long distance to people experiencing the same mission as myself. The goal is to take Rescue Gemz to the next level by scouting out animals that are at risk in shelters and pounds in the surrounding area. So many of these animals are euthanized without need and with the right networking could find the perfect homes. My next goal is to partner with a vet clinic to support our cause.  Any donations or recommendations to help achieve this goal would be much appreciated. I will live my life proudly, knowing that Rescue Gemz has already saved so many lives and will continue into the future.

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My name is Gemma DiLullo, the founder of Rescue Gemz, a small scale rescue based out of Tampa, FL. Ever since I was a child, I could never turn my back on an animal in need. I learned at an early age, if an animal crosses my path and needs help, I will always be there.  For the past 7 years, this has been my mission. In our eyes all animals are my gemz, the precious diamonds on this earth. 

Gemz come to us from many different situations. I developed a reputation for finding animals in the streets that are either lost or have been dumped.  If the people who know of my family and what we do, hear of an animal in need of help, they call on us. I’ve been in so many awful situations and it takes a thick skin to enter properties where animals have been mistreated or abandoned. 

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